President's Message

FY 2017-2018

So Little Time, So Many Things to Do

It was really incredible how quickly and readily each of the members of the BAIPHIL Board and their respective Chairpersons have rolled up their sleeves right after the BAIPHIL Directors and Officers Induction Day to rise up to the challenge to accomplish the many things we have tasked ourselves to do for this fiscal year.

All fired up, the Committees on Public Relations and Publications, Sports and Fellowship, Membership, Program and Attendance, Soft Skills Committees have already filled up their action plans for the year within the first two weeks. Other committees had their initial meetings also scheduled within the succeeding days.

The Bankers Institute of the Philippines (BAIPHIL) has been working with banks and bankers since its foundation in 1941. The aim of BAIPHIL is to empower its members to serve not only the banking industry but the banking public as well. This is well captured in our Mission Statement. Training programmes and seminars for executives and other members of staff at different position levels in Philippine banks are geared toward driving professional growth and competence. The topics cover the entire range of banking operations, risk management, compliance with both local and international regulatory requirements, as well values and soft skills training.

The Education Committee follows a decentralised structure which reflects the range of topics and courses offered by BAIPHIL. Each member of the Board of Directors is assigned to be in charge of one or two Course Committees for more focus. The seminar courses offer high-quality training and familiarization of participants with best practices and new developments in the financial sphere.

For course offerings that emanate from regulatory issuances, the focus would normally be on explaining the regulations and their requirements, providing details and specific strategies for remaining compliant and effectively fulfilling all responsibilities as an organization employee of any financial institution. The resource persons would normally be coming from the regulatory agencies.

For trainings on products, operations, tools and skills, we draw subject matter experts from industry practitioners, partner auditing firms, professional training consultants.

In-house seminars may also be provided by BAIPHIL on request by individual institutions. While the individual topics have already been set, the needs of specific groups of participants can also be taken into consideration.

Worthy of special mention here is our Finance and Audit Committee Chairperson and members who are working zealously to keep our certification courses moving in the direction we all want to be. Spadework that were started in the past are gaining traction and we hope that before this fiscal year ends, all our efforts would come into full fruition.

Our monthly General Membership Meetings (GMMs) serve as a vehicle for exchanging knowledge and experience. This once a month luncheon assembly of members provide a platform for discussion and for participants an opportunity to exchange views and ideas with resource speakers from the regulatory bodies and /or subject matter experts from various fields. The topics vary but normally they include those of special and current interest that arise during the course of the year. The Program and Attendance Committee or PACOM has already filled up this year’s schedule with noted speakers and very relevant topics.

A BAIPHIL member’s day would be incomplete without the BAIPHIL Market Watch or the BMW, as we termed it. It is a daily compilation of current business and finance news as well as price movements in the money and capital markets. The Research and Information Exchange Committee painstakingly gather and summarize relevant news bits from various sources every day to come up with the issue in time for their self –imposed deadline, i.e., before the office morning coffee break.

In the meantime, the Sports and Fellowship Committee (SFC) had their hands full with the preparation with their maiden activity for year, that is, the first ever Team Building Event in BAIPHIL in almost a decade that was scheduled in August. To start the year with the right attitude and rapport between and among board directors, officers and chairpersons, the Team Building was conceptualized early on during the planning session held in June 2017. With the fresh and young blood at the helm of the SFC, members are in for new and unique fellowship events and experience this fiscal year.

The Membership Committee is poised to introduce new schemes and propose possible amendments to the BAIPHIL By-Laws to expand the organization’s membership to include other financial institutions and individuals who would like to belong to our roster.

The Special Projects Committee (SPC) has always been the main driver for our social responsibility projects and activities. Consisting largely of past presidents and associate life members, this committee fulfils its objective to reach out to people outside the banking industry to advance their financial know-how in partnership with the BSP thru the conduct of Financial Education Program (FEP). The SPC likewise spearheads regular Medical and Dental Missions we hold every year.

These are but a few highlights that fill our BAIPHIL calendar and all these activities, which draw on the entire resources of BAIPHIL, are organised and coordinated by the organization’s ever efficient Secretariat headed by Mr. Ben Venardo I. Cual. I can say with all conviction that with all these wonderful people behind, beside me , and the One Above us all, we can achieve what we aspire for the organization, for the banking industry, for the country.

Seminars & Trainings

Fraud Risk Management

Date November 17, 2018
Speaker Mr. Dante T. Fuentes
Venue Dusit Thani Manila, Ayala Center, Makati City

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Developmental Course on Treasury Operations

Speaker Mr. Gregorio V. Rubio
Venue Dusit Thani Manila, Ayala Center, Makati City

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Related Party Transactions

Date October 19, 2018
Speakers Atty. Robert Maddara and Atty. Elmer Damasco
Venue Dusit Thani Manila, Ayala Center, Makati City

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Compliance with Operational Risk Management Guidelines

Date August 31, 2018
Speakers Ms. Lorna Dela Cruz-Sombe and Mr. Romelito V. Pasol
Venue Dusit Thani Manila, Ayala Center, Makati City

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Updated Guidelines on Sound Credit Risk Management (Includes BSP Cir. No. 908 & 941)

Date October 5-6, 2018
Speaker Ms. Concepcion A. Garcia
Venue Dusit Thani Manila, Ayala Center, Makati City

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