Induction Speech FY 2012-2013

Salvador R. Serrano

LEVELLING UP: Linking Action with Vision

Over the past years, BAIPHIL has continued to develop outstanding programs under the principles of service excellence, integrity, social responsiveness and trustworthiness to strengthen its accountability to our members. Further, in the months that I have been reviewing past BAIPHIL plans and meeting with as well as listening to our members, I met head-on with a noble vision and the doable groundwork that our past leaders have laid down to deliver. These historical facts have set high expectations from our members and we need to be ambitious by LEVELLING UP to higher grounds to make it realistically attainable. But this ambition must be balanced with “commitment” paired with “common sense” to ensure that we are building an organization that is robust, sustainable and responsive to the needs of our members. Our Vision is the only way out to achieving greater things for the Banking Industry, however, we need to elevate that vision to understanding the importance of taking action and mainstreaming them in our usual routine as bankers.

NOW is the time to focus on specific issues and achieve visible results. We must work in partnership with all our members, not in competition. We must build on what we have achieved, but at the same time do even better. In this context, I have developed four (4) major programs which I called REAP to guide our work while we elaborate the priorities and results that will be our roadmap for the fiscal year 2012-2013. Bearing in mind the translation of vision to full implementation, BAIPHIL will focus on four thematic priorities:

1. Research and Information Exchange Programs

  1. In addition to providing our members of daily “new improved” BAIPHIL Market Watch (BMW) and bi-monthly Legal/ Regulatory updates, we commit ourselves to provide articles on best practices in banking, BAIPHIL Skill Empowerment Series to focus on Soft Skills such as people management, effective communication, analytical thinking, change readiness, leadership etc., adhoc tax briefs, case digest and legislative alerts related to banking and credit-related articles for posting to our BAIPHIL newsletter “BAIPHIL on line” and BAPHIL website.
  2. Source relevant news and featured articles from the various committees including noted resource person or publication in the monthly bulletin, Banker’s Journal and/or website.
  3. Showcase latest evolving trends in banking and technology during the BAIPHIL National Convention on March 8-10, 2013 at Taal Vista Hotel.
  4. Increase Real Property Data Base (RPDS) membership and usage thru the creation of a technical group that will work on the RPDS enhancement project with the BAP Credit Bureau, Inc.

2. Education Programs

  1. In addition to our regular seminars on Corporate Governance, Risk Management etc. conduct new training programs that were identified during the training survey conducted among our member institutions such as Soft Skills Training, Sales and Marketing and IT and Technology courses.
  2. Completion of training series in addition to Treasury Series and Credit Cycle Series by the launching of Deposit Cycle Series and Audit and Control Series.
  3. Offering of Specialized Credit- Related Seminars such as Appraisal, Credit Investigation, Asset Search, Skip Tracing and Collection/Remedial Management, etc.
  4. Live implementation of new technology called e-learning as alternative to our classroom training to enable us to reach to all types of financial institutions by accessing our learning courses that are available anytime/ anywhere.
  5. Amending our training materials on the Corporate Governance Course in keeping with the recent call of the BSP. At the same time that this is being done, we are also completing the accreditation process to expand our speaker base for our Corporate Governance Course.
  6. Secure accreditation from PICPA for conversion of BAIPHIL courses to CPE Credits. The Institute is already accredited with CHED.
  7. Conduct forum on relevant topics to our institution such as LRA updates, updates on fiscal and regulatory reforms, industry best practices, improved banking services, updates on trends on international payments, trade and other related matters, etc.
  8. Relocate venue of training center with all its amenities to address our need for more classrooms to accommodate simultaneous holding of seminars and fora in a central location. To partly fund the Baiphil training center, launch and continue to promote the Baiphil Coffee Table Book “ BAIPHIL BEYOND 70 IN FULL FLOWER YET CONTINUES TO TAKE ROOT”

3. Admin Support Programs

  1. Implement BAIPHIL’s Integrated System and BAIPHIL Election System to enhance governance in the Institute.
  2. Identify the inactive member banks and encourage participation in BAIPHIL activities.
  3. Finalize and issue the BAIPHIL Manual of Operations.
  4. Improve attendance in GMMs by pursuing the unfinished objective of providing professional development to members to properly planned programs of regulatory, technical and market updates and by exploring various approaches thru the launching of members promo card, SMS blast and implementation of program improvements such as contents, method and timing of meeting.

4. Partnership Programs will include:

  1. Expand the program of the BSP Governor’s advocacy to conduct the Financial Education Program (FEP) among the spouses and children of OFWs in addition to the parents and students of public schools and “Nanays of Payatas” communities. This will be in partnership with BSP, BAP and OWWA to help overseas Filipinos and their families put their money to optimal use that they may allocate their cash flows not only for consumer goods & leisure but also for smart spending and savings such as education, housing, and investment. To fund this FEP, we will hold an Interbank Chorale Competition on November 2012.
  2. Renew partnership with SM Foundation, Bayambayang National High School Alumini and the Local Government Unit of Bayambang for our medical-dental mission and with the BAP, Ateneo Professional School and Philippine Association of Collegiate School for Business (PACSB) for the promotion of financial literacy programs among deans and professor of universities in the Philippines.
  3. Promote partnership with rural banks, finance companies and our member institutions for them to outsource part of their training requirements with the Institute.

As the banking industry’s partner for learning growth and centralized information, we undertake proactive and continuing action to fulfill our corporate duty of mainstreaming our vision into our actual operation. We at the Baiphil will continue to work together to “make things happen” in a sustainable manner through continuous dialogues with bank members, regulators and other banking information centers and translate the information gathered into something uniquely responsive to the needs of the banking sector.

Moving up to the next stage with an abiding spirit of enterprise, we continuously aim to mobilize the banking industry by putting the banks “at work” through knowledge enhancement and exchange of ideas for a better, innovative and receptive banking industry.

Meanwhile, there is a highly growing interest in a sustainable learning driven banking industry catalyzing a change in the way bankers think about the productivity and technology issues. Always quick to perceive such needs, Baiphil aims to maximize learning and information efficiency through its commitment to pursue its vision and translate them into realistically and doable action plan.

Baiphil wishes to be a “value creating institution.” Underlying this goal is our strong determination to bring about a robust banking industry by generating new value that can only be conceived by assuming a learning perspective. To make these objectives a reality, we have drawn up a new long-term management strategy towards bridging our vision with our commitment to “make things happen” so that we can implement Baiphil’s principles to a greater degree than ever before.

The transition on which BAIPHIL will embark, that is from vision to action, is a complex one. But gradually we are assembling the available capacities that we need to become, that is, the BEST SOLUTION to achieving what we envision. However, there is much more to be done. We must sit together to start the real “Institutional Cultural Change” that we are expected to generate.

In closing, I am acutely aware of both the results that are expected of BAIPHIL and the challenges we face in meeting them. Nevertheless, meet them we will. I know that with your full support, we will succeed. The thing that will make us truly stand out as an Institution is our desire to take audacious steps by thinking out-of-the-box and our willingness to make a stand for what we envision, a perfect combination that will breed completely new insights, innovations and sure success for the Banking Industry.

BAIPHIL will genuinely take this path and I am challenged to make a difference and generate results.

Let us COMMIT OURSELVES to bridge the gap between our vision and the action that we choose to trek by working together as a team bonded by a common goal of executing our programs. In doing so, we will be able to REAP the benefits of achieving our vision to be the leading organization in the pursuit of banking excellence, aiming to be at par with the best in the Asia Pacific Region.