Pearl Awardee FY2011-2012

TERESITA I. ANDRES, the Pearl awardee

Tess Andres is the COO of the Manila Offshore Branch of Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank, the third largest bank in France. Prior to assuming this role, Tess was the Vice President for Operations & Controllership of Credit Lyonnais, another French bank which was merged with Credit Agricole CIB in 2004.

Tess has over 32 years of banking experience with international banks that included stints in Lloyds Bank Plc and ING Bank, which were natural transitions of her first job as an external auditor in the banking group of SGV & Co.

This year’s recipient of the much-coveted Pearl Award given by the Institute has two inspirations that drive her to always aim for the best. These are:

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short,
but setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.”
by Michelangelo; and

“Never give up. Always make things better. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Strive for excellence.
And you too will find success.”
by Washington Sycip

Throughout her career and in every undertaking, Tess would aim high, find ways to improve to make things better and desire for excellence. Tess believes though that being excellent does not mean being perfect. It merely means using the best of one’s abilities, qualifications and talents for the task at hand. Though usually referred to as a “perfectionist” by colleagues, Tess believes that excellence should not be equated with perfection because perfection is the point where we stop. Excellence, on the other hand, entails continued evolution and dynamism in adapting to the current circumstances and the environment where one lives or works.

In SGV, Tess rose from Audit Staff I to Audit Supervisor in a record time of four and a half years In her last year in SGV, she was transferred from the Audit Division to the Accounting & Auditing Standards Group to assist in the writing the version for banks of the firm’s Unified Audit Approach . Her performance in Lloyds Bank earned for her the contract to be the bank’s Philippine Consultant for three years following the bank’s closure of its Philippine OBU. And in Credit Lyonnais / Credit Agricole, her varied talents earned for her the COO position and became responsible for the Philippine branch overall operational efficiency and the control of the varied banking risks (market risks, internal control risks, operational risks, compliance, financial security and regulatory risks, reputational risks, legal risks, IT security risks and financial and management risks).

Tess’ current job also gave her the opportunities to speak French (francophone) and appreciate French culture (francophile). Other than her involvement in BAIPHIL, Tess is the Treasurer of the Offshore Bankers Association of the Philippines (OBAP) and represents OBAP in the Financial Security Liaison Committee (FSLC) of the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC). She sits as a director and treasurer of the two SPV’s set up by CACIB to acquire the NPL’s of a local bank under the SPAV law. She also represents her Bank in the French Chamber of Commerce and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.

Tess is a Certified Public Accountant who graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of the East with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Major in Accounting. She worked her way through college through scholarships and by joining the journalistic staff of the university newspaper, The UE Dawn as a reporter and later as the News Editor. She also graduated Valedictorian both from elementary and high school.

Tess hails from Bauan, Batangas but she grew up in Atimonan, Quezon. Tess is now a widow but happily blessed with three children, a son-in-law and one granddaughter.

Aside from family, work and professional organizations, Tess is a member of AngLigaya Ng Panginoon and is an active member of her parish and village homeowners association, where she served as director and treasurer for two years.


It is with heartfelt gratitude and great humility that I accept this year’s Pearl Award.

Indeed, I feel grateful. To be a BAIPHIL member and be among the top executives of the banking industry are to me already a great opportunity. To be given the opportunity to serve and share one’s gifts and talents for the benefit of the members makes it very enriching. On top of that, to be recognized for these contributions is really such an honor, the icing on the cake, as we say.

At the same time, I am humbled by this recognition, which I believe must likewise be received by the other members who selflessly and generously give their services to BAIPHIL, who embrace the Institute’s mission and who gratuitously devote time to achieve its visions.

Allow me therefore to thank those to whom I share and dedicate this Award: First, I thank Josie Cortez, who took me as a member of the 2002 National Convention Facilities and Accommodation Sub-committee right after my induction. She introduced me to the exciting world of BAIPHIL, providing me with the strong sense of belonging and purpose in a new organization.

Second, I thank Past Presidents MelitAraneta, Evelyn Vinluan, Amie Amparado, Grace Dela Cruz, Dolly Yuvienco, Lydia King, Susan Uranza, Noel Barcena and Agnes Santos for trusting me with committees that they considered were suited to my passion.

Special thanks go to PP Noel Barcena and co-Director Aris Zafra for believing that together with them, I can drive the 2011 National Convention to success. I thank, too, all the 2011 NCC members for the support and a great job.

Without them, we could not have achieved and surpassed the convention goals and targets that we set for ourselves.

I also thank the many members of the Sports and Fellowship Committee during several years when I was the chairperson. They cooperated and enthusiastically participated in all the SFC projects and remained SFC members year in and year out. Special mention goes to Marilen Ruiz, Vangie Nevado, Gorge Severino, Agnes Santos and Director Willy Talastas.

I thank, too, my bosses in Credit Agricole who have supported my membership and encouraged me to play an active role in the Institute. And finally, I thank GOD, who has been making all these possible.

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