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(First Publish in the Philippine Star, August 5, 2011)

BAIPHIL’s vision of becoming the preferred training arm by its member-banks gets a boost as it transforms from “Brick to Click”, through its new “e-Learn” facility right at the BAIPHIL website.

With BAIPHIL e-Learn, members and non-members get to view all course offerings, enroll and pay online through Paypal and start sessions online, anytime, anywhere, 24/7 in a secure way.

While BAIPHIL continues to provide face-to-face and classroom training programs, enrolment and registration become easier using the BAIPHIL e-Learn enroll and pay facilities.

The BAIPHIL e-Learn empowers training participants by enabling unlimited access in the system with built-in learning checks and training certification at the end of the course. Member banks and other institutions will have unlimited number of enrollees, with individual training records and easy access to the system.

Member institutions can also promote online training course development through its powerful authoring tools.

BAIPHIL’s e-Learn system uses cloud computing technology, which makes BAIPHIL very accessible to its member institutions, individual members, trainers, training participants and guests. Training courses, materials, and learning checks are readily accessible with the standard internet browser layout that makes navigating easy and fun.

Non-BAIPHIL member institutions or individuals may also use BAIPHIL’s e-Learn facilities.

Moreover, member institutions’ training and HR groups also get to benefit as they make use of BAIPHIL e-Learn facilities to promote self-learning and administer various tests from knowledge-level evaluations, skills and competency assessments and even system training wherever they are. All these are available on a need and pay use basis only, making training truly cost effective.

The BAIPHIL e-Learn is in partnership with BPT Resources Asia Inc. using cloud computing technology powered by Rollbase Philippines Inc.

The Bankers Institute of the Philippines(BAIPHIL) signed the BAIPHIL e-Learn agreement in partnership with BPT Resources Asia Inc. using cloud computing technology powered by Rollbase Philippines Inc. Present during the contract signing last July 25 were: (seated) Immediate Past President of BAIPHIL Emmanuel E. Barcena, BAIPHIL President Agnes C. Brillante-Santos, Ma. Alma Luz A. Borja, President & Managing Director of BP Resources Asia, Inc. and Salvador R. Serrano, FVP-BAIPHIL. (Standing) Estefania A. Santos, 2nd VP-BAIPHIL and John P. Rendor III, Sales Director of Rollbase Philippines, Inc.