BAIPHIL’s 5th General Membership Meeting (FY2010-2011)

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Dr. Oscar Torralba lectures on “The Economics of Education”

Our guest speaker for the General Membership Meeting of the Bankers Institute of the Philippines (BAIPHIL) on November 23, 2010 is Dr. Oscar Aleson Torralba, Chairman, Technical Panel for Business and Management Education, Commission on Higher Education.

Educational Background
He graduated from the University of the East with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration cum laude and obtained his MBA from the UP Graduate School of Business. He pursued International Advanced Management Studies at the Northwestern University, Chicago, Kellog School of Management. He earned the title of Cochran Fellow on Nutrition and Agriculture from the University of Missouri.

Professional Affiliation
A Certified Public Accountant, he is a member of the Phil. Institute of CPAs, Financial Executives of the Philippines, and the Management Association of the Philippines, and is a Cochran Fellow-USDA

Employment History
-President/CEO/CFO CIIF Group of 52 companies (Aug 1976-Dec 1998):
1. Legaspi Oil Company
2. Granex Mftg Co.
3. Cagayan de Oro Co.
4. San Pablo Mftg. Co.
5. Southern Luzon Co.
6. UCPI, France
7. Grannex USA
9. Cocochem
10. Stepan Phil.
11. Minola Refinery Corp.
12. Cocolife Realty
13. Cocolife Insurance
14. CIIF R/D Foundation
15. Iligan Bay Shipping
16. 14 Firms Holding 31%SMC

-CIIF (Coconut Industry Investment Fund) companies acquired using an allocation (earmarked for investment) from the coconut levy funds
-Companies 1-5 are coconut millers/refiners collectively as industry leader.
-Companies 6-8 are overseas marketing subsidiaries.
-Companies 9-11 are downstream processing companies with foreign joint venture partners all suited inside the first Agro-Industrial Park in Luzon (Cocochem Agro-Industrial Park or CAIP)
-Minola Refinery is a joint venture (US$10M) with Mitsubishi, Japan for the most modern vegetable oil refinery in the Philippines.
-Stephan Phil is a joint venture (US$36M) with Stephan USA (Chicago, USA), the worldwide technology partner of Procter and Gamble for downstream processing of coconut oil into intermediate materials for detergents/shampoos.
-Companies 12-13 are life, non-life and pre-need companies catering to coconut farmers and commercial accounts. OAT as chairman for realty firm and director for life, non-life and pre-need firms from 1986-1998.
-R/D foundation for practical researches on non-traditional coconut technologies and products in collaboration with state colleges and universities as founding director.
-Iligan Bay Express owns/operates inter-island vessel
-14 holding companies owning 31% of the voting shares in SMC

Prior to this, Torralba worked with Price Waterhouse and Coopers, Phils from 1973-1976.

Personal Data
He was born in Balaoan, La Union and is married to Norma Wilson-Torralba, also a CPA. Their children are Lindsay W. Torralba-Garcia, MD and Christopher who finished Computer Graphics at Darwin University.

Career Milestones
His career milestones include the following:
-Conceptualized new strategic thrust of the CIIF Group with successful paradigm shift to higher value products, new markets and organizational efficiency.
-Registered the first agro-industrial eco-zone in the Philippines (Cocochem Agro-industrial Park in Batangas or CAIP)
-Identified, promoted, negotiated and concluded US70.Million foreign investments in joint ventures for downstream processes of coconut products at the “CAIP”
-Championed the revival of non-traditional coconut products i.e.,coconut dust organic fertilizer, coconut water vinegar, coconut fiber for soil erosion control (Geotextiles), coconut oil for diesel extender, coconut oil-based margarine, first vitamin fortified coconut cooking oil/margarine (Minola)
-Organized and funded (P700.Million) the CIIF Finance Foundation for livelihood and CSR Programs for coconut farmers
-Organized the CIIF R/D Foundation for Practical Research
-Pioneered linkages with state universities and colleges

His companies were recognized as the best managed in the industry for CY 1997-1998.

He was named Outstanding Alumnus Awardee 2006 by the University of the East.