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PDIC Turnover Ceremonies of lT Equipment to BAIPhil – December 2, 2009, PDIC, Makati City.


Turnover of computer donation to HAPINOY / Microventures, Inc., the company which manages HAPINOY.


Marilen Ruiz, Special Projects Committee Chair turnover BAIPhil’s donation to HAPINOY

The word Hapinoy is a play on the words Happy and Pinoy, the colloquial word for Filipino. The Hapinoy Store Program focuses on the sari-sari stores in the Philippines (sari-sari is the Filipino word for “many or various kinds”), small neighborhood or village convenience stores or retail-based outlets that sell various things, mostly basic commodities. These kinds of stores are almost always located within or as an extension of the store owner’s home.

In 2007, MicroVentures Incorporated launched the Hapinoy Store Program with microfinance borrowers in mind. Upon realizing that 15 to 20 % of microfinance borrowers use the capital to put up stores or expand their inventory, the Hapinoy Store Program first focused on aggregating all these sari-sari store owners for bulk product discounts.

Today, Hapinoy has evolved in to a full-service micro entrepreneur enhancement program: a network of micro, small, medium and large enterprises where Hapinoy Community Stores and sari-sari stores serve as the hubs for goods and service that are coursed through the program and offered to its Base of the Pyramid target.

On the ground, the Program partners with storeowners, the female/women micro entrepreneurs called Nanays, the Filipino term for “mothers”. The Program aims to help Nanay:

  • Have a profitable and sustainable business
  • Reap practical, tangible benefits from partners and microfinance institutions
  • Become knowledgeable with the help of training programs and support.

Part of the roadmap of the stories is evolution, wherein they level-up and become more professional. Part of this is the installation of operating procedures and systems, which includes the computerization of the top stores, called Community Store Owners. The support of BAIPHIL will be invested in the computerization of these Community Store Owners.