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A BIGGER leap towards progress

Article courtesy of Ms. Camille Bersola

BAIPhil’s incoming Officers and Board of Directors pay BSP Governor Amando M. Tetangco, Jr. (seated at center) a courtesy call.

The change in the country’s governance bring new hope and direction as the entire Philippines hungers for political and economic empowerment. Amid all these milestones happening in the country, the Bankers Institute of the Philippines (BAIPhil) continues in its quest of providing excellence in the banking industry.

BAIPhil’s celebration of its 70 years of success in the industry is a timely turning point coinciding our country’s political transformation. Together with its new roster of officers spearheaded by Emmanuel Barcena, BAIPhil’s president, it continues its efforts of carrying out the organization’s pursuit of empowering the banking sector in the country to help the banking community become one of the best in Asia Pacific.

Since BAIPhil was founded in 1941, it has continuously fulfilled its mission of providing support to the financial sector toward productivity enhancement through education, research and information exchange. Starting with a small group of accountants and auditors, it has grown to be a renowned and respected bankers’ organization, which has significantly contributed to the success of the country’s banking community. BAIPhil has been greatly involved in developing and conducting trainings, seminars, workshops, and other learning sessions in order to keep the Filipino bankers in sync with the latest banking trends and have them become experts in this field. They have also been involved in sharing their expertise to those beyond the banking community as a means of reaching out and further reinforcing the banking sector.

New road ahead

As BAIPhil welcomes the new set of officers for fiscal year 2010-2011, its main objective is to strengthen its commitment as the provider of banking education and as the research arm of the banking industry. Their theme, “BAIPhil @ 70: Empowering the Banking Industry through Continuing Education, Innovation and Research,” affirms its commitment as the leading provider of training, research and information exchange. “Our direction for this year is to have a wholistic approach in training. For example, in Treasury, we want to cover all stages and/or aspects of treasury. Also like credit cycles, banking operations, we want to make it a series so when somebody like a trainee goes for training with us, we want him to become an expert in that particular banking function. “Barcena told the STAR in an interview.

Apart from the education provided for members of BAIPhil, Barcena also said that they aim to continue tapping those who are not members of the banking community and provide them with knowledge in finance. “We also share learnings with those who are not part of the banking community. For example, we host lectures to PACSB [Philippine Association of Collegiate Schools of Business] in collaboration with Ateneo-BAP Institute of Banking.

Among the different topics imparted to them are practical finance and money laundering, which Barcena said, are not normally taught in college. He added that they want to share what’s really happening in the actual world and not just what is read in books.

Also, BAIPhil focuses on the spouses of Overseas Filipino Workers and parents of public school children. He said that part of their mission is to provide them with the tools and skills in managing their finances and instill savings consciousness through financial literacy programs.

BAIPhil is in partnership with the Overseas Workers Welfare Association and the Bankers Association of the Philippines in helping these OFWs save their money instead of becoming “one-day millionaires.” These advocacies are tied up with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ savings consciousness program wherein they are tasked to teach the parents of public-school children the importance of valuing savings and managing finances.

Apart from these outreach programs, BAIPhil is also extending its training programs to the countryside. “We will revitalize our committee and host seminars and trainings in provinces,” said Barcena. Among those they wish to help are the rural and thrift bankers.

How far they’ve gone

For the previous fiscal year, BAIPhil has consolidated its role in the finance industry as the premier provider of banking education and research. Its efforts and accomplishment during the past year have affirmed its theme “Transforming Potentials Into Real Strength& Growth.” The previous board has left the BAIPhil with pride and success after these notable contributions and achievements to sustain the organization’s strength in the industry. Here are some of the accomplishments of the previous board, headed by Susan Alcala-Uranza:

  • The BAIPhil Training Institute offered a total of 43 seminars with a total of 2,211participants or an average of 52 participants per learning event. It introduced more learning series that build the knowledge and skills set of bank employees in the areas of Treasury operations, Treasury instruments, and Risk management.
  • The Credit Committee strengthened its campaign to enlist more banks to register as users and to promote the utilization of the Real Property Database System among its current registered members. It sponsored a Seminar on Philippine Valuation Standards at the AIM Conference Center in coordination with the Philippine Association of Realty Appraisers.
  • The Institute’s involvement in socially relevant projects intensified during the term with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with the BSP in support of the latter’s Financial Education Program, by way of providing seminars/ workshops to parents of public-school children who have gone through studies on financial literacy and values.
  • The Automation Committee provided regular updates to keep the members attuned with technological developments, through its sponsorship of two seminars on e-Money and Customer Relationship Management: Beyond Customers’ Expectations
  • With the issuance of Presidential Proclamation No. 1248 that declared the second week of March as BAIPhil Week, the Institute celebrated this occasion with the conduct of spiritual, physical and special educational offerings, aimed toward the wholistic development of bank employees, as arranged and managed by the BAIPHIL Week Committee.

Plans for 2010-2011

With its commitment to empower the banking industry, BAIPhil has continued its efforts of providing quality education in the field of banking and finance, as well as fulfilling its role as the research arm of the banking industry. This fiscal year, it has set up its plans and programs to implement a more effective training program to members and non-members, and strengthen the performance of their members in the banking community by keeping them updated with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Here are more of BAIPhil’s plans and projects for this fiscal year.

  • In terms of education, BAIPhil is offering the Banking Function series such as Operations, Treasury/FX, Credit Cycle, and Audit and Risk. They also plan to continue with their “1- to 2-day seminar modules.” BAIPhil will also be conducting International Trade seminars.
  • In its quest of staying in tune with the latest innovation, BAIPhil also plans to explore e-learning such as offering online training courses. It also plans to expand its online presence by publishing on-line web articles, allowing online web registration and on-line web interaction. It also plans to build its database and effective billing and collection system.
  • To give back to the community BAIPhil has more efforts to reach out to the differently abled and disadvantaged through their medical mission, care for the elderly with their Handog kay Lolo at Lola, and Students Support.
  • Being a research provider in the industry, BAIPhil will continue to publish relevant laws and regulatory updates, daily business briefs, and inputs for website contents. Its plans also include analyzing and updating the training needs of the banks, showcasing new trends and technology, and benchmarking. BAIPhil will also be recruiting more members and encouraging their active involvement. With these tasks to be performed and challenges to face along the way, BAIPhil will, nevertheless, stay true to its commitment of serving the needs of the banking industry

(First published in the Philippine Star, July 20, 2010)