Medical and Dental Mission

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Giving back – a Responsibility

The more we are blessed, the more we should give back to society! Supporting the Medical Mission is one such opportunity to share our blessings. lt is our small contribution to nation building – fostering good health and giving our disadvantaged brethren a better chance to turn their personal potentials into real strength & growth.

We present below an account of the BAlPhil 3rd Annual Medical & Dental Mission held last March 27, 2010 in celebration with our partners – the SM Foundation, lnc and the Bayambang National High School (BNHS) Alumni.

BAlPhil’s third Annual Medical and Dental Mission

March 27, 2010, Saturday (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p m.)
Poblacion, Bayambang, Pangasinan (Covered court near the town plaza)

Total number of patients served: 1,607patients
(which exceeded the target number of patients of 1,500)

Organizers / Coordinators

  • Bankers Institute of the Phils. (BAlPhil)
    Agnes B. Santos, BAlPhil Director& Medical Mission Chair
  • SM Foundation, Inc. (SMFI)
    Connie Angeles, Executive Director, Health and Medical Program
    Sheila Ubales and Yna de Guzman
  • Bayambang National (BNHS) Alumni District Hospital & RHU

    Dr. Nicolas O. Miguel, Chief Doctor, District Hospital,
    Dra. Paz F. Vallo. Head, Rural Health Center

Medical / Dental services rendered:

  • Medical consultation with Doctors provided by: SMFI, Philippine Medical Association Pangasinan Provincial Hospital, RHU and other volunteer doctors including Dr.Aaron Santos (son of BAlPhil Director Agnes Santos).
  • Minor surgeries (circumcision, small mass incision/excision)
  • Adult CP (cardiopulmonary clearance)& referrals( form major surgery)*
  • Pediatric Clearance & referrals (for major surgery)*
  • Dental services (tooth extraction) performed by SMFI’s dentist and aide,
    Dr. Joshua Puzon (son of BAlPhil Director Francis Puzon) and RHU dentists.

SMFI Mobile Clinic Offering: X-ray, ECG and Blood Sugar Screening

SMFI- Free medicines for common illnesses and vitamins (as prescribed by the doctors)
BAlPhil – Provided anesthesia for minor surgeries and tooth extraction, medical supplies such as syringes, surgical gloves, face masks, alcohol, gauze, plaster, betadine, etc.

Opthalmology services: BAlPhil donated reading glasses with different grades.

Screening was performed by the doctors to segregate the non-minor surgery requirements such as: thyroid, hernia, harelip, breast mass excision. Such cases would be referred to Surgeons led by Dr. Mario Geronilla (a BNHS Alumni) of PGH & San Juan De Dios who will do a follow-through Surgical Mission at a Iater date.

Identified cases for follow-up surgeries are:

10 cases pterygium; 15 cases cataract; and one cholelithiasis

The following is the distribution of responsibilities among the partners:


  • In-charge of over-all coordination (including accommodation, venue, food)
  • Assists in dispensing medicines
  • Plans / Organizes patient traffic
  • Provides medical supplies (alcohol, cotton, syringes, anesthesia, toothbrush/paste, etc.)
  • Prepares lootbags (snack food and drink, etc.)
  • Provides reading glasses


  • Mobile Clinic (with [Agnes Santos] doctors, dentists, nurses & technicians)
  • PMA Doctors
  • Provides medicines for common illnesses

BNHS Alumni

  • Coordinates local arrangements
  • Sets up the venue (provides needed facilities)
  • Disseminates Medical Mission information
  • Pre-registers patients
  • Medical staff support [Agnes Santos, doctors, dentists & nurses)
  • Conducts follow-through surgery
  • Provides security and crowd control
  • Provides food and accommodation for BAlPhil & SMFI volunteers (provided by Martina G . Tajanlangit, Lucila C. Mataban, Cezar Quiambao & the local government)

Everyone did his part so well. Our partners and friends gave their all-out support for the project and our beneficiaries' response was very heartwarming.

We left the town with a happy heart knowing that in serving the disadvantaged that day, we were able to help alleviate pain, give a little hope and spread God's love to so many people.